Skateboard Info


Skateboarding is an experience like no other, providing an extremely rewarding challenge for all ages. We seek to educate and inform skaters of all levels about their gear and support the growth and progress of anyone interested in the sport.

Bethesda Boards Store Manager and primary skateboarding instructor, Eric Sloan gives the breakdown on all things skateboard.


Skateboarding is extremely accessible due to the minimal amount of equipment required, being just a skateboard while safety gear is heavily encouraged. While the top of the line skateboard supplies are flashy and can often improve one's ability, for beginners going with whatever feels most comfortable and fits within the lifestyle of the rider matters significantly more.

Practice and Progression

Eric tells us that “literally everywhere is a spot where you can practice, because skaters can use pavement, roads, grass, and local skate spots to perfect their tricks, getting better depends mostly on a skater’s motivation to progress.”

Saying that consistency is one of the most important things in skateboarding, constantly keeping your skills fresh and practicing the fundamentals is the best way to start. “Getting comfortable on their boards, including kicking and pushing correctly, sets a foundation to work from,” he also tells his skate lesson students to keep doing tricks whenever they can.

Eric teaches skateboard lessons here at Bethesda Boards, where we have plenty of features for all skill levels to enjoy.

Deck Size Truck Size (mm) Truck Size (in)
7.5"- 7.875" 129mm 5.0"
8"- 8.125" 139mm 5.25"
8.25"- 8.38" 144mm 5.5"
8.5" 149mm 5.8"