What size board should I ride for my height?

Contrary to popular belief, choosing what size board to ride has little to do with your height or shoe size. A beginner rider should choose a board that feels comfortable under their feet. There are, however, performance differences between different deck sizes that we'd be happy to discuss in-store or over the phone.

What size would you recommend for a youth beginner?

Our team recommends a 7.75 or 8.0

Should my trucks be larger or smaller than my deck?

In general, we reccoment "rail matching" your trucks and deck, though some riders prefer wider or narrower trucks for various reasons.

Does clear grip tape last as long as Mob or Jessup grip tape?

No, because clear grip tape is made from a plastic that wears away more quickly than s black griptape.

Should I use soft or hard riser pads on my skateboard or longboard?

You should use soft risers (shock pads) when you want to diffuse the stress on your skateboard or longboard. You should use hard riser pads when you want to raise the board so you don't get wheel bite as a result of using a larger wheel.

What’s the difference between abec 9 bearings or reds bearings?

Abec 9 bearings are multi purpose bearings designed to the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee's specifications. Reds bearings are "Skate Rated."

What’s the difference between 99a duro and 101 duro skateboard wheels?

Skateboard wheels are mesured on the durometer scale. The higher the number on the scale, the harder the wheels. In general, skateboard wheels range from 97a to 103a, and longboard wheels range from 74a to 85a. Some brands, for example Bones, use the "b" durometer scale. The "b" scale is similar to the "a" scale, but reads 20 points lower (80b = 100a).

Why do people buy ceramic ball bearings?

Ceramic bearings offer performance and durability benefits that are desirable for some types of skating along with being more resistant to rust.

What's the difference between different truck brands?

Though most trucks look similar, small differences exist that can drastically change the "feel" of a truck. Different brands come with different hardness bushings, which change the turning feel. Some trucks are "higher" or "lower" than others, which effects pop when doing tricks. Different truck brands even have varying axle to axle wheelbases, which can affect the turning circle among other things. At the end of the day, these slight differences are why some people prefer one brand over another. Additionally, reverse kingpin trucks designed for longboards offer a more stable and predictable turn at higher speeds.

Will I be allowed to skate on the ramps at the new store?

Yes, as long as guests complete and sign a waiver they can enjoy skating on our ramps. 

Will I be able to have a party using the ramps and entertainment space in the new store?

Bethesda Boards will be happy to discuss hosting a private party. Please call us so we can talk about the party packages we offer.

Do you arrange for catering or should I bring my own food to my party?

We will be happy to arrange for catering, but guests are welcome to provide their own food.

Do you have an area for parents to hang out during parties?

Yes. Parents are welcome to spend time at the board building station in our shop.