Meet Our Team

Kaare Weineke

Our fearless leader, owner of Bethesda Boards, Kaare Wieneke has grown the shop up from a small pop-up into the Bethesda hot spot it is today. Sharing his passion for the sport of skateboarding, Kaare has built up his local community by creating a safe and fun space for skaters and visitors alike.

“Of course we sell skateboards and longboards, but our reason for being here is truly to bond people through the sport,” Kaare tells us. By constructing a small music venue and mini ramp, Kaare sees Bethesda Boards as a place for people to be involved and build relationships rather than just a business. 

Kaare’s devotion to his work and Bethesda as a whole is something that cannot go unnoticed, Kaare says, “What everything–whether in skating or just life in general–comes down to is compassion.”

To learn more about the history of Bethesda Boards, check out the About tab on the front page.

Chris Zorc - General Manager

Joining the team in October of 2021, General Manager Chris Zorc has been crucial in the success of the expansion and launch of our online store. Using his Associates in Business Administration and 15 years of longboarding, Chris has the know-how to answer any question  and help wherever he’s needed.

Originally joining the team to help with social media, Chris quickly rose up the ranks helping owner, Kaare Wieneke move into the much larger and more successful shop we are now. Creating new experiences for guests within the store like skateboarding lessons, a whole new mini ramp and a music venue.

Biggest Accomplishment Helping Kaare and the Bethesda Boards Team move into the future of serving the global skate community

Inspiration Ben Brown, Rian Singleton

Eric Sloan

Skate Culture Ambassador, Store Manager, and Primary Skateboarding Instructor, Eric Sloan is an essential part of the Bethesda Boards team. Being involved in skateboarding for over a decade, he possesses the know-how to adapt his teaching styles to any student's needs. Eric utilizes his students pre existing skills to inspire and support growth and progression in the sport.

A common love for skating that many skateboarders share is the strength of the community, "Skateboarding is a very accepting culture that crosses all social borders," Eric says. Noting the social progress that skateboarding has promoted and showed recently, as the sport only seems to grow in popularity with women, especially due to its induction into the Olympics.

Biggest Accomplishment Learning his first trick, a kickflip

Inspiration Paul Rodriquez, Chris Cole, Kevin Bradley

Ben Brown

Bethesda Boards Downhill Team Manager and Manager, Ben Brown has been dialed into the shop for almost a decade. A Bethesda native, Ben bought his first ever longboard here, which ultimately led to him becoming a well-known and respected longboarder and a founding member of the longboarding group LWG. 

Ben, being a digital creator, is always working on some sort of project. He’s been inspired by the skate community’s strength and acceptance saying, “Everyone is different and also the same in the sense that we all come from various backgrounds but share the same passion for longboarding." He produces his longboarding content so he can give back to the community by creating excitement for the sport.

Ben says beginners should keep practicing and push through the pain. He mentions that advanced longboarders and skateboarders alike can keep their motivation high by becoming organizers, creators, and entrepreneurs. But Ben has the same great advice for all skateboarders whether they are just starting out or have been skating for decades: “go faster.”

Biggest Accomplishment Going 60mph

Inspiration William Royce, Incredimation

Mike Hull

Mike Hull’s love of skateboarding started as a six year old, competing in local events throughout his youth. Now being both a Store Manager here at Bethesda Boards and an audio technician, touring with bands around the world. Using his extensive knowledge of audio equipment he also holds the title and responsibilities of our in house Music Venue Manager. 

Having such a varied position here, Mike says he “loves the creative freedom I have at Bethesda Boards,” in regards to his high importance as both one of our most charismatic and knowledgeable managers as well as our most experienced audio technician. Mike adds, “Being able to work with the people of the skating culture and the vibe they bring is my favorite part of working at Bethesda Boards,” and that, “The whole point–and what’s fun about it–is the learning process."

Biggest Accomplishment First kickflip

Inspiration Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Danny Way

Rian Singleton

Manager and Downhill Team Rider, Rian Singleton has been a member of the Bethesda Boards community for over a decade. Beginning his career in action sports at only 8 years old, branching off into sports like BMX, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing along with many others being contributing factors to his success as both a talented skateboarder and a knowledgeable instructor.

Studying Marketing at Arizona State University, Rian involves himself with various communities in and around the Phoenix area representing Bethesda Boards and the longboard group LWG in which he is a founding member of.

Rians outgoing, vibrant, and energetic personality fills a hole in his social groups that makes him irreplaceable. He tells beginners to, “Skate as much as possible,” hoping to spark the passion for skateboarding that he’s always had.

Biggest Accomplishment Central Mass Skate Festival (2nd place Juniors, 3rd place Open B-bracket)

Inspirations Sergio Yuppie, Zak Maytum, Nate Blackburn

Mark Berger

Getting his first skateboard at 10 years old, Mark Berger’s inspiration and love for skateboarding and longboarding started here at Bethesda Boards. Buying his, “first longboard at the shop in 2014,” Mark tells us.

Having 12 years of experience in various disciplines of skateboarding gives him vast knowledge of the sport and allows him to provide a unique experience to guests that may be new to skating. 

Knowing that pain is part of the learning process, Mark tells new and experienced skaters alike to remember to have fun and, “Don’t take it too seriously because, while of course you can be a professional, you don't have to be one to have fun.”

Biggest Accomplishment Breaking 50 miles an hour on his longboard

Inspiration Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, all of Mark’s peers in the downhill scene