Longboarding brings joy to riders of all ages and abilities, and we’re here to provide everything you need to get started. Downhill Team Manager, Ben Brown was able to provide some insight into the sport, breaking down disciplines, gear, terrain, styles, safety and the mental fortitude it takes to become one of the best.


Longboarding is a broad term that encompasses many different sports within it. Different longboard styles/disciplines are:

  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Dancing/ Freestyle
  • Cruising/Long Distance Push

Downhill longboarding is done with the intention of going as fast as possible. Freeride draws elements of downhill and combines them with a more surf-like style by powersliding (sliding) often. Longboard Dancing/Freestyle takes technical freeride skills to the sidewalk to dance along the board. Cruising/Long Distance Push riders are the marathon runners of longboarding, using the sport as a means of transportation and exercise covering great distances.


Longboard equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, whether you want something that can be used regardless of your chosen discipline or something specifically curated for your needs, we’ve got it. We make sure we stay stocked on starter boards along with upgrades for intermediate and expert riders. 

Ben tells, “Longboarders who take it to the next level might want to make an investment in more expensive equipment, but it’s completely possible to progress without getting expensive gear,” noting that having the drive to improve is what makes you progress and not your equipment.

Terrain and Practice

Ben tells us that practice is essential for progress no matter what skill level, and is easily accessible to all ages, saying, “there’s no excuse not to.” While here at Bethesda Boards we have everything you need to get rolling, continuing to skate is the best way to refine your skills. 

We suggest beginners start on low angle slopes in order to learn control before going too fast but steeper roads (while much more risky) can allow riders to progress more quickly. 

When stepping on a skateboard you assume the risk of injury, so we recommend riders of all levels wear the appropriate safety gear, which the Bethesda Boards team is fully equipped to fit our guests with.

We also offer skateboard and longboard lessons for riders of all skills levels to build on foundational skills and build our community.